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At G M Windows & Doors, we offer an extensive range of replacement internal and external door fixtures, that are bespoke in their design, and can be customised in a huge variety of ways, to suit our customers’ every need. From traditional to totally contemporary, we have a high-quality door for every occasion and every location. Moreover, we know that our doors are manufactured to the highest of industry standards and security regulations; meaning that our focus sits entirely on providing the best possible advice, experience and standards of customer service for all of our clients, and potential clients.


As your front door is often the first impression a visitor or guest has of you and your home, it’s important that it says exactly what you want it to. Give the outside world a snapshot of who you are with our composite and uPVC products. In fact, with our entirely customisable ranges, it’s never been easier to create the perfect style for your home, from core materials to the finish, and even the handles!


Here at G M Windows & Doors, as with many other door manufacturing and sales companies; composite and uPVC door fixtures are the two most popular options of door material within our stock. However, it can be difficult to navigate the differences, and therefore choose what is best for your home or property out of the two materials; and this is where we are here to help.


For years, uPVC doors have been seen to be the market leaders due to their affordability and practicality; however, with composite doors, you can often receive an entirely superior product, which utilises advanced technologies and features higher levels of safety and durability. In fact, when choosing between a composite or uPVC door, there is no doubt that composite fixtures hold significant advantages over their uPVC counterparts; advantages that far outweigh the benefits of purchasing a uPVC fixture, just because it is the cheaper option.

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There’s a number of benefits, disadvantages and differences between choosing composite or uPVC for your replacement doors, and it’s no secret that composite doors are expensive; sometimes up to 60% more costly than their seemingly like-for-like uPVC counterparts. However, with most things in life, you certainly get what you pay for, as composite doors are manufactured to higher standards, and fabricated with stronger, more efficient materials and technologies.

Whilst the initial outlay for a composite is more expensive, and in the long-term, they seem like the tried and tested choice; every home and every homeowner will have their own requirements, specification and ultimately, budget. So, here are the differences and benefits for choosing either composite or uPVC for your replacement door:


Whilst they very much seem to lurk in the shadow of the composite door’s brilliance, don’t be fooled into thinking uPVC doors aren’t secure; because they are, and we wouldn’t be installing them for our clients if they didn’t offer the best levels of security for their price band. uPVC door fixtures will keep your property secure, and if installed by professionals, can have a maximised lifespan that will see your home’s safety is covered well into the future.

However, it is proven that composite doors offer enhanced levels of security due to their glass-reinforced plastic core. So, for ultimate peace of mind and future-proofing against a guaranteed long-lasting lifespan, composite doors indeed offer a higher level of security. But that being said, it would take a pretty determined burglar to get through either one of these fixtures, truth be told.


When it comes to maintenance, there are absolutely no benefits, nor disadvantages, to installing a composite over a uPVC door. Both doors are made from tough, long-lasting materials; that, when wiped down with a damp cloth once in a while, will continue to look top-notch.

There are so many factors to weigh up when decided on a replacement door fixture for your home, and every single client we work with will have an entirely different list of requirements. At G M Windows & Doors our team are on hand to help our customers navigate all of these benefits and choices, in order to find the perfect product for their home.

Ultimately, uPVC door fixtures are significantly lower priced than their composite alternatives; they are thinner in appearance but offer an affordable, stylish and secure finish for any home.

Composite doors, on the other hand, are solid in quality and almost indistinguishable from timber; they boast enhanced security and thermodynamic technologies, but, they do often carry a price tag to match.

Both composite and uPVC doors are incredibly resilient and robust, however, given the fabrication processes and materials used, composite doors are usually around 44mm thick, whereas uPVC doors weigh in at around 28mm thick. This being said, both types are extremely strong and offer great insulating qualities despite the difference in thickness.

In regards to lifespan, there’s no hiding the fact that composite doors are designed to last much longer than uPVC, due to the materials they are ultimately made from. A high quality composite fixture will last around 30 years, whilst a uPVC door that is fitted correctly and looked after has a life expectancy of 20 years. It is worth nothing, however, that when uPVC fixtures are installed poorly, they can encounter problems after as little as 5 years.


The good news is, that whether you pick a uPVC or composite option, the customisable features for the styling of your door are virtually the same. When it comes to letterboxes, handles and knockers, all hardware options span both door types. However, the selection of finishes and colours will vary slightly, and there is no getting away from the slightly plasticised ‘sheen’ that uPVC doors exude. Composite doors, on the other hand, have a much more solid authentic timber appearance and are available in slightly more colours and finishes. The RAL palette of colours available for both uPVC and composite doors though is generally fairly extensive.

At G M WIndows & Doors, all of our door fixtures, both composite and uPVC, feature 3 stars anti-snap Euro cylinder locks, for added peace of mind and additional security. This design means that the lock fits through the door, profile case and handle for enhanced security. What’s more? On a protection efficiency scale of 1 to 3 stars; with products rated by their security against common attack methods, all of our fixtures contain cylinder locks rated 3 stars. This kite mark rating ensures our clients are receiving nothing but the highest safety standards whether they choose composite of uPVC.

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